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Our solutions for your needs

Solutions We Provide
Our core is in creating customized Talent Strategies for your needs. We will design for you the best tools, processes, teams and general capabilities, so give us a call and let’s discuss more. To give you a glimpse of what these service could entail, please have a look at some examples:
Talent strategy consulting

Future of Work brought to you in an agile manner. We will define and design the best possible talent solutions for your needs. This can include talent strategy, workforce planning, talent mapping and levelling, talent management etc. Let’s plan together!

Talent Audit

Current state analysis of your company’s people situation with recommendations and solutions designed for you. Will work great either as a tool or starting point for further development, or as a starting package to support a new CEO, COO or Head of People.

M&A consulting

People Data analysis, HR due diligence and ensuring people topics will be taken into account in the integration process. Pre-deal and post-deal integration related to people topics, both locally and globally. Experience working with management teams and board of directors, confident speaker and sparring partner, as required.

Headhunting services

Need to hire that key role to your company, but not sure who, where, what, or how to get started? We got you covered! Hand the recruitment over to our experts and let’s design the best approach. Always keeping the focus on high quality research to find the best candidates!

Recruitment process design

Are you growing fast and need a streamlined and efficient recruitment process? Not sure if you need a vendor to partner up with, or your own team? Let’s design the best option for your current needs!

Software Consulting

Looking to upgrade your HR-software? Need a new ATS for recruiting? How about a chatbot? Is there some software specifically designed to master onboarding? You definitely want to have modern tools, but the balance with the necessary features and the best UI/UX requires experience. Let us help!

Software / System tendering

Once you have the software requirements figured out, we will shortlist you the best software / system with prices for easy comparison. Or do you already have a viable option, but wondering if there are other alternatives out there that can accomplish the same tasks? We will search them for you.

Organization Structure Consulting

Are you growing and need to reorganize your organizational structure? Not sure what is the best way to approach the topic, both legally and communicatively? Need a sparring partner to go through your ideas and give recommendations? This is what we do!

HR modernization

Want to raise your people operations to the next level? Is your next growth phase becoming global as a company and need people operations to scale up and support the growth? Our experts will help to prepare your operations/processes/tools to the internationalisation and the “future of the work”.

Trainings / sparring sessions for HR/Talent/People professionals

Do you have a specific topic in mind, which you would want your team to have a training/workshop or sparring session? We can design the session on your topic, or we can come up with the topic or training plan together.

Interim Services

Would you need a HR Director or a Talent Acquisition Lead to support your leadership team from a People perspective for a specific project, growth phase, or transformation? An interim leader can be the best solution when the need is temporary, or you need a specific expertise for a short period of time.

Best People Practices for Startups
“Without action, the best intentions are nothing more than that: intentions”  – Wolf of Wall Street


When should you hire your first people person? Not yet, according to us and Asana (Read more here from Slush Soaked).  We’ve got all the essentials neatly packed for you in our package exclusively designed for startups . It covers the basics and beyond, so check out the details below and choose your features. If you take all four features described below, as winners do, we will give you a hefty discount.


We all know the importance of having the right talent at the correct time, but that’s not all, there is all that legal stuff to cover, building your company culture, onboarding and managing your people, and they also want some compensation and perks. Sounds exhausting? No worries, we’ve got you covered!


The less people a team has, the more important it becomes to make the right choices when recruiting new colleagues. Cultural match is important, but it does not always mean recruiting your new best friend. Unless your are ready to invest in using headhunting services (we do provide these as well), we will provide you with the next best thing. We will help you define the profiles you need for your growth, design efficient job ad templates, and a template for interviews. We will also help you with your employer branding by analysing your current external communications and give recommendations based on what you want to achieve.

Legal Stuff

Always have a contract with your people! Don’t know how to to do it? We have ready – made templates for your needs with a customized twist. Our lawyer will design you an employment contract template to use in your future recruitments, designed and customized for your company. Our contract package is designed for use in Finland and contains the basic employment contract. If you need contracts for other countries, we can guide you in the right direction. Executive contracts can also be done, but they are not part of the basic package.

Talent Management

Get our guide on how to onboard, lead and take care of your people. People are the most important asset you have, they are the ones who can make or break the company.  This guide will give you advice and inspiration on how to start building your diversity and inclusion based culture from day 1, that’s where future success  starts! Getting the best practices in place from the get-go, will give you tremendous advantage to accomplish fast growth. We offer a comprehensive written package, and a 1h online/f2f sparring session on the questions/topics you choose.


We will design you a basic rewarding scheme (think tangible & intangible solutions to choose!), and guide you through different solutions suitable for an ambitious startup (we will try our best to make even your wildest ideas reality). Sorry folks, but a detailed share option plan is not included, as the package is designed to cover the basics, just what you need – with customised design!