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    We are located in the center of Helsinki.

    Who we are

    With demonstrated experience from strategic development projects, our experts can create the best solutions for your needs. 

    Joakim Kalliala

    Co-founder, CEO

    +358 50 560 8881

    Experienced professional on all aspects of Talent Acquisition with a demonstrated history of working in a wide range of industries and organizations.


    Joakim has experience in smaller boutique consulting and executive search companies, as well as, from large global enterprises. He also has strong technology skills and is always interested in finding the best possible digital tools to improve the way of working and to create the best digital experiences.


    He is always searching for the most efficient way of working and constantly following the newest trends and tools in recruiting.

    Kikka Hellsten

    Co-founder, COO

    +358 50 3877437

    Builder of a better future of work by redesigning talent acquisition, recruiting, HR, strategy and tech.


    Kikka is a seasoned professional, with 15+ years in various leadership positions in HR. Her global background in strategy creation, demanding change situations, turnaround cases, talent acquisition and employer branding, has built her a profound expertise on the field.


    She is extremely curious about the future of work, digitalization, platformatization, candidate experience and user experience.