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Put Talent at the Top

Shortage of skilled workforce has been in the topics regularly for quite some time. Everyone, especially in tech industry, are talking about the limited availability of talent and it has been recognized throughout the globe as the fourth industrial revolution, namely digital transformation, creating unseen and even unpredictable lack of tech resources in all industries. Every company is becoming more and more like a software company, and at the same time, new generation of employees are looking for more meaningful and impactful work and are more disengaged than ever before which means businesses need to carefully think of the core message to the talent they wish to reach.

Talents are crucial for growth and perhaps the largest investment a company makes. Business leaders need to learn to lead talent acquisition and have a holistic view on the topic. Talent acquisition should be on every leaders’ daily agenda and be a long- term goal, not only transactional. We need to learn to put talent at the top and eliminate the talent bottleneck.

Have you done everything possible in your companies’ talent acquisition activities to get the best, highly skilled talents to your team? Do you have the visibility what is going on in talent acquisition in your company? Do you have analytics in place? Are you hiring right people needed for your growth? Do you know what the potential candidates think, say and feel about your company? Are your processes optimized for your needs and are you using the right (not outdated) technology tools for efficient talent sourcing, advertising and communicating? Do you have the right people working in your talent acquisition team? Is employee experience, candidate experience and user experience something you are familiar with? Do you know how candidates, employees and alumni feel about their employment journey and experience? Have you accounted for the future of work from all aspects, and are you ready for the new ways of working?

An efficient and well- run talent acquisition is essential for your future success. Good news is that you can easily do it. Concentrate on the competition on talent. Improve your visibility on talent matters, optimize your process with the right digital tools, conduct research of your brand value, understand what kind of experience candidates, employees and alumni really value, and have the right people on every phase to help you what comes to your growth strategy. By having this all, your company will also save money, time and resources.

Winning talent acquisition is luckily not rocket science providing you have a well designed talent strategy for it. Prioritizing talent acquisition over recruitment is the key in succeeding with your growth plans. There is no business without a talent plan. This plan must be carefully planned out and built in a holistic and agile manner.

We are here to build your talent success story!

Yours Truly,

Talent Designers

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