Talent Design — Redesigning Talent Acquisition
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Talent Design

what we are about

Talent Design specializes in creating a holistic talent strategy to equip your company with everything you need to accomplish your growth plans.


We do not offer another headhunting service. We equip your company with an actionable strategy and all the necessary tools to attract, hire and retain the best talent yourself.


Our service starts with an evaluation of the current state of your talent acquisition, from which we begin to build a solid basis. We create a customised strategy which supports the growth targets of the company, gives visibility to what is going on and sets the path for the future.


We aim to redesign talent acquisition to make it as functional and streamlined as possible. This leaves you all the time to concentrate on your expertise and have a good view on what you need to accomplish in order to get the talent you need for your companies growth.


The war for talent is over and the talent won. Functioning in the talent driven market makes having the right plan, tools and actions vital. This is our passion and something our seasoned experts have been working to achieve, the future of Talent Acquisition.

meet us in person

Joakim Kalliala

Co-founder, CEO

+358 50 560 8881


Kikka Hellsten

Co-founder, COO

+358 50 3877437


Talent Design
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Talent Design
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Talent Design
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Talent Design
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Talent Design
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Talent Design
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Any questions?

Contact our team for more information.


about us

Aiming to redesign the Talent Acquisition industry one company at a time.

Talent Design is a Finnish company started by two experienced experts from the field. After seeing multiple organisations struggling with the same issues in attracting talent, not knowing what they need, how to get it, and what do they need to accomplish it all, the idea behind Talent Design was formed.